Trópico 208 Smoke Heir Pipe Raffle

Smoke Heir has generously dontate 9 pipes with a custom Trópico 208 decal. Created by local artist Lobo Lara. He will be recieving half of all proceeds from pipe sale and this raffle. Lobo, though born in California, has spent most of his life in Boise. He is a first generation Mexican American; his parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico City, MX.

Enter raffle below for a chance to win one of these unique pieces.

To enter raffle:

Please Venmo $10 for each ticket you want (Limit 3) to @vivolatino enter 0966 as the last four digits for the phone number. Then fill out form below, so we can contact you.

Drawing will be on 12/25/20